A Boy Called Goo
Author Bonnie Kate Pardoe
Date 1 November 2015
Rating/Warning PG
Genres humour, war-related
Format Short story
Next That's A Lot Of Birthday Candles

Story RecapEdit

Screed turns up at the apartment that Bonnie is subletting in Toronto. He is covered with pink goo which he has picked up at the Vaqueras' headquarters in Vachon's church.


She led him to the bathroom and pointed to the shower. "Don't turn on the water!" she ordered. And then she said, "Strip!"

"Gettin' a bit overly friendly, ain'tcha?"

She shut the glass door on him. "Strip," she said again. She heard him grumble, but could see by his blurry silhouette that he was making quick work of his clothing. Then she slid the door aside just far enough to pass through the box of baking soda. "Put this on your skin. Everywhere that pink goo might have touched."

"I ain't no chicken fer fryin'," he told her. "I don't needs ta be breaded."

"Screed, just do it. Stay here. I'm going to see if I have another box."


  • The pink goo in the story is based on the pink confetti-goo that appeared in the Vaqueras' story arc in War 15.
  • Bonnie's self-insert is consistent with the FK Wars, which are round robins in which players (or fictional versions of themselves) come to Toronto for fun and adventure. However, although clearly set in the FK War universe, the story was posted to FKFIC-L without the War: header. No war was currently going on or planned.
  • In the story, Vachon is staying with Bonnie rather than living at the church.

"My point is," Bonnie said, "that church didn't used to be haunted or possessed or whatever the heck it is now. And that demonic, pink paint seems like the most likely source. So, um, we should get rid of it, right? Get Vachon his church back?"

"That'd make a good birfday present for the V-man. It'd git him outta this dump, anyways."

"Hey! This is not a dump. And I paid good money for that couch!" she said, pointing to where Vachon occasionally slept.

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