A Little Salsa Picante
Author Amy R.
Date 23 October 2006
Rating/Warning G
Genres humour, casefic
Format Short story
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Story RecapEdit

Just a night on the job for Nick and Schanke, who has been put on a diet by Myra.


  • Length: 2983 words.
  • The title of this story comes from a line of Schanke's in the episode "Dark Knight": "Can you believe they put a guy like this in homicide? Falls apart when he sees a little salsa picante."

Author's NotesEdit

  • Allusions. Schanke's former partner Jim Anderson is from "Hunters." The generic language of addiction is from "Feeding the Beast." Myra's psychic aunt is from "Dying to Know You." Schanke's preference for triple-cheese pizzas is from "If Looks Could Kill." Natalie's protein shakes for Nick are in many episodes, but mostly first season. The Schankes' cabin is from "Hunters" and "Father's Day."
  • Inspiration. One of Highlander fandom's old "Fifteen Minute Challenge" prompts ("just a hint of that smell") inspired this piece.


Recommended by lightbird on the fancake Dreamwidth community:

A great casefic and a really nice gateway into the FK fandom. Amy R is a terrific writer who really knows her way around the fandom and the characters. Set during the first season the story centers around a homicide that Nick Knight and Don Schanke have been called to investigate and focuses on the partnership and friendship between the two detectives. But it also has small details throughout that readers familiar with FK will recognize and appreciate, and which will give newcomers clues about the fandom. A good intro and well worth the read.


  • "You've captured the tone of Nick and Schanke's partnership perfectly here, with all of its good-natured teasing and effective cooperation. It's a lovely reminder of what that part of the show was like." — excerpted from skieswideopen's comment on AO3


"[...] Everyone knows you don't pause near reporters. That just attracts their interest, like vultures, or insurance salesmen."

"I hate the way they turn misery and misfortune into entertainment. I hate that some people are entertained by misery and misfortune."

"Yeah. Well, the public hunger for news must be appeased. Or at least fed at designated intervals, between commercials. Speaking of fed, do you suppose the paramedics would have chocolate bars in their kits, for insulin shock or something?"

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