A Time Like This
Author Bonnie Kate Pardoe
Date January 1997
Rating/Warning R
Genres drama
Format Short story
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Story RecapEdit

Vachon takes Tracy for a drink after a concert; but their date is interrupted when Urs comes in to the nightclub.


  • "Vachon fell silent for a moment as they continued to walk. 'I suppose that I've always loved music even before I learned to play. Now, it reminds me what it was like to have a soul.'"
  • "With her so near, Vachon could smell the change in her blood chemistry: first the sudden sweetness of adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine, initially overwhelming all other scents, followed by the subtle tang of the endorphins as they slowly infused her blood. Vachon inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as soon as he felt them begin to change."
  • "He wanted Urs, wanted her like he did the first night he saw her, the night he had taken her into this world of his, taken her in spite of her wishes, to be his forever. Yet, when Vachon looked down into Urs's face framed by golden curls, into her aqua eyes, all he saw was Tracy [...]"

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