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Please note that Abby Albrecht also wrote under the name Abby.
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Pen names Abby82, Abby
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This author produces Forever Knight fan videos and art (notably icons) under the name Abby82, and fan fiction under both that name (on LJ/AO3) and the name Abby.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Abby82.

Abby82 first saw Forever Knight as Season 3 was drawing to a close. Indeed, the first episode that she saw in its entirety was "Last Knight", though she was able to see the full season as it re-aired that summer.[1]

I tend to gravitate towards female characters so Natalie and Tracy made an impression on me. I liked Tracy and I grew to love the series based on that final season. By the time I got to see seasons 1 & 2, I was all about consuming everything FK that I could get my hands on.

Abby82's earliest stories focus on the relationship between Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert, either from the perspective of friendship or romance; and this remained a frequent theme in later works. Characterization was a strength from the start; and several of her later stories (notably "Change Upon Us" and "Five Facets of a Metro Homicide Detective") demonstrate her deft ability to see below the surface to the complex, often contradictory motivations and reactions of characters whose relationship is still under development.

Fellow fan gnosticdiva commented on one story:[2]

As a fanfic writer, you're becoming a formidable talent. And no, that's not just lip service. :) You have the ability to see into the heart of the character and make it visible to others without coming off maudlin or preachy. Also, I noticed your prose is becoming more fluid and detailed, whereas your earlier fics were more "bare bones" quality. Both styles have their respective places, but I think the change in your case is due to improved command of your storytelling.

Abby82's first active period of interest in Forever Knight spanned only three years, 2007 to 2009. Even at the time, she also wrote in other fandoms, and has continued to do so since. In recent years, however, she has returned to FK fandom in a small way, completing unfinished stories from yesteryear.


At one time, Abby82 had a website named Guardians of the Truth (at, which was taken down when Yahoo! discontinued all GeoCities sites. It was replaced by a revised version, The Rambling Fanatic (at, which has since been taken down. Some of Abby82's fiction and vids are now archived on AO3.


The videos are listed by the date they were posted:


  • I Will Follow You Into The Dark[3] (24 May)
  • The Rockafella Skank[4] (11 July)
  • Almost Lover[5] (7 December)
  • What You Are[6] (27 December)


Fan Fiction[]

Stories are listed by the date when they were first posted, usually either to Abby's LJ journal or to FKFIC-L.









  • A Tale of Two Knights[59] - comparison of Nick Knight and Forever Knight, especially the second pilot, "Dark Knight"
  • Forever Knight Fashion Review - discussion of costuming (incomplete - only the first two episodes)

Fan Art[]

Abby82 posted several batches of FK icons on her LJ journal. Some of these she screencapped herself; others were based on caps from The Knight Watchman archive. Her first collection has eight icons in an untitled post made on 1 September 2008. It was followed by a further sixteen on 5 October 2008, twenty-four more on 16 April 2009, and twenty based on "Last Knight" on 25 May 2009.

Her first two sets of icons were essentially clipped screencaps. However, with her third, she began greater manipulation of the image, altering colours and saturation, and adding captions. As well, she created a few icons displaying quotations from the show. In the fourth "Last Knight" collection, she experimented with blurred backgrounds.


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