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Brought Across circa 1660-1670
Master LaCroix
Portrayed By Cynthia Belliveau
Fan Factions Women Scorned
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In her mortal life, Alexandra was a serving girl in a tavern.

Alexandra was a serving girl in a tavern when Nicholas and LaCroix came to the place in which she worked. Soon enough, a sort of relationship was formed between her and Nick, but he couldn't fight the urge, bit her and sucked out most of her blood, then left her for dead. Before her burial, LaCroix noticed that there was still life in her and brought her over, unbeknown to Nicholas. This may have been because LaCroix noticed a sort of fear in his apprentice for what he did and wanted her to torment him in future years.

Present timeEdit

As Nick thinks she's dead, her appearance comes as a supposed ghost (although the "whish" sound made by vampires is heard well by the audience) in a troubling time for him, when Captain Stonetree had his own ghosts to fight. She appears more and more often, to Nick's despair and attempt to see her closer, which leads to a near-scandal with a bus driver.

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Alexandra shows her fangs as she confronts Nick in "Fatal Mistake".

While trying to find and save the Captain, Nicholas meets Alexandra at a junk yard and confronts her, fully aware now that she is a vampire too. Alexandra, in her own revealing, claims that Nick had had raped her and left her for dead, reluctantly being grateful to LaCroix for bringing her across, and that she hates Nick and all those years she has plotted her revenge. Their discussion is interrupted by a gun shot, and when Nick tries to go, Alexandra pins him to a bus, claiming she is now stronger than him. A full-scaled fight breaks out and Nick is wounded by a wooden rod. He barely pulls it out and eventually the fight ends in Alexandra having one even deeper in her and seems to be dead. Nick says apologizes and goes to help the Captain.

After everything is done, he looks at the place Alexandra was stabbed and doesn't see her anymore, presumably to show that she didn't die and she might try to throw him off-balance or kill him again.