All the Rest is Silence
Author Dorothy Elggren
Date 27 June 1996
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Challenges, Last Knight story
Format Novelette
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Story RecapEdit

After the events of "Last Knight", the police find Nick's loft empty—except for traces of blood and ash, and a carved stake. Inevitably, an investigation ensues.


  • All day long the sun flooded the loft, exploring all the nooks and crannies it had never seen before. The loft had always been shuttered, barred, and defended against the sun, but not today. The blood slowly dried in the sunny room. The shadows shifted and then lengthened as the day came to a close and the sun slid from the sky.
  • The sanctity of the loft was violated by lights and activity. A photographer's flash was the first thing to hit Reese's eyes as he walked into the loft. He had never been here, but its sparse utilitarian appearance seemed like an echo of Nick. Nick had never revealed a lot about his personal life; at first glance the loft didn't either.

Author's NotesEdit

  • "This takes place immediately after Last Knight, but it's not a rewrite of the ending. This is about the debris left behind. It solves no mysteries, it answers no questions. It just is. Those left behind are victims just as much as those who are gone. This is for them as well as for us. If you are in denial, you might not want to read this."


  • The story largely follows events from Joe Reese's perspective.
  • The story was anthologized in the fanzine, Amantes de la Noche 2, as well as being archived on the author's website.


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