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Alma in For I Have Sinned.
Portrayed By Tracey Cook
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Alma prepares to bite Schanke.

Looking like a girl out for a good time, flashily dressed and flirtatious, Alma is a perfect denizen of The Raven, where she trolls for human men on whom to prey.

Her only appearance is in For I Have Sinned. Nick's partner, Det. Don Schanke encounters Alma when he goes into the Raven looking for Nick. Resenting Nick's interruption of their conversation, Schanke goes back later on his own. Alma is happy to resume her seduction; but, before she can kill him, Janette DuCharme intervenes, warns off Alma, and tells Schanke never to return to the Raven.

Fan ActivitiesEdit

Fan FactionsEdit

In War Two, a faction for Alma was mentioned, the AlmaDens. However, it never seems to have been organized officially.

Fan FictionEdit

(The following are works of fan fiction that include Alma among their characters.)