Alyssa von Linz
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Alyssa married Nicolas de Brabant in 1528.
Died 1528, Linz, Austria (vampire bite)
Family Nick Knight (husband)
Portrayed By Kari Matchett
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In "Dead of Night", Alyssa returns as a ghost.

Alyssa von Linz was a young woman with whom Nicolas de Brabant fell in love in 1538. She appears in only one episode, "Dead of Night". The character was played by Kari Matchett.

Although Alyssa was mortal, Nick decided to marry her: his intention was to bring her across on their wedding night, so that they could be together for eternity. However, he had never tried to do this before. Before the wedding, LaCroix advised him that it was essential that he not drain too much of Alyssa's blood. Nevertheless, when Nick bit her, he was unable to refrain from drinking until she was too exsanguinated for her body to be able to last long enough for the conversion to the vampire state to be completed. When Nick tried to wake her, he discovered that she was dead.

In 1996, there is a murder at Kessel House. When Nick and his partner, Tracy Vetter begin their investigation, they learn that the building is reputedly haunted. Almost immediately, Nick starts to see Alyssa's ghost. She wants to know if he remembers her; he desperately wants her to forgive him for killing her. However, Kessel House affords other ghosts access to the world of the living. Many victims of Nick's bloody past take advantage of the opportunity to attack. Alyssa's ghost warns him to flee; and he manages to escape their revenge.

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