Capt. Amanda Cohen
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Captain Cohen in the episode "Baby, Baby".
Died 1995 (explosion and plane crash)
Family married with children, names unknown, husband's initial is "D"
Portrayed By Natsuko Ohama
Fan Factions Cohen-heads

Amanda Cohen (maiden name unknown) was a police officer of the Metropolitan Police Force in Toronto. She attained the rank of Captain and was ultimately placed in command of the 96th Precinct police station to which detectives Nick Knight and Don Schanke were transferred. [1] While taking a prisoner to Alberta to face trial, Captain Cohen met her untimely death alongside Detective Schanke when the plane they were traveling in was destroyed by a bomb.[2]

Captain Cohen, as she was typically addressed, was always professionally attired, very neat and kempt, with a rather conservative style. She carried herself with confidence but there was always a distinct impersonality in her leadership.

She was married with children, and kept several photographs of her family in her office, although she spoke little of them at work. All we know of her husband is his initial (which was D); and that only because it appears on the crash victim ID sheet that was posted by the morgue staff when she died.

By the way, Schanke, where's your partner?

Character HistoryEdit

Early CareerEdit

Cohen first started in law enforcement as a federal agent. At some point her department was charged with breaking up a drug ring. Things didn’t go well and the situation turned into a fire fight with three agents being killed. Afterwards an investigation into the deaths of the agents revealed that it might have been friendly fire; her fire. She was able to return to work but found things very hard as she felt guilty and responsible for what had happen, afraid to continue with things.[3]

Series InformationEdit

Captain Cohen was portrayed by actor Natsuko Ohama. The character appears only in Season Two. However, she was mentioned by name in the first episode of the following season, in which she was reported killed.

Episodes of SignificanceEdit

The following list briefly summarizes those episodes in which Captain Cohen plays a role beyond the norm, deepening our understanding of her character. For a full discussion of her role in each episode in which she appears, see Cohen's scenes.

  • "Killer Instinct", the premiere of Season Two, heralded Captain Cohen's first appearance in the series.
  • "Black Buddha, Part One", the premiere of Season Three, was the episode where Captain Cohen met her untimely death.

Fan ActivitiesEdit

Followers of Amanda Cohen are referred to as Cohen-heads.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction in which Amanda Cohen plays a major role.


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