For the Joss Whedon television series, please see Angel (TV series). For crossovers between Forever Knight and Angel, please see this list of stories.
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Vachon's vampire "angel" from Black Buddha Pt. 2.
Vampire Death 1531 (Lake Titicaca, The Andes, self immolation)
Vampires Made Javier Vachon
The Inca
Portrayed By Joanna Bacalso

Angel is a vampire, presumably of South American origin. She wore a parrot feather cloak which were favored by Incan nobility at that time. She is referred to as "an angel" by Vachon and is known by no other name.

According to both Vachon and the Inca, she came upon them when they were dying, having fatally wounded each other. Impressed by their courage, she brought them both over, and spent the night telling them how to live as vampires. She gave them their eternal orders to protect good from evil. Then, as the sun rose, she walked out into the light to die. In the words of her "son" The Inca, "she went to father sun".

The actress who played "Angel" also played Briana, one of The Raven's vampire bartenders.

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