Margie Gillis
Pen names Arduinna Finn
Official website

Arduinna (who has also written as Margie Gillis) is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction. She has a multi-fandom website, Arduinna's Propylaeum (at where she archives her stories.

On an earlier version of her site, she had this to say about writing slash fiction:

I've been interested in slash for a while, but only started writing it in the summer of 1996. I started reading Star Trek slash (K/S) and was naive enough to believe that's all that existed. Then I got on the 'net. (cue Hallelujah chorus) I found Forever Knight slash, then Due South slash, then slash in all kinds of fandoms. I was a very happy camper. For the first few months of my net-fandom experience, I simply assumed that I would forever be a reader of slash, and never a writer. Ha. Right up until the night that I had an idea that just wouldn't go away. Eventually I had enough stories to start putting them on a webpage (that would be this here :) ), and a pseud, and everything.

from the index page to Arduinna's fan fiction

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Arduinna.

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