Blazing Pink
Author Greer Watson
Date 8 November 2015
Where posted FKFIC-L
Rating/Warning PG
Genres humour, war-related
Format Category:Flash Fiction
Previous That's A Lot Of Birthday Candles

Story RecapEdit

Greer sees on the news that Vachon's church has been burned.


The on-screen image of the burning church cut to a close-up of the news reporter on scene.

"...unknown how the fire started," she said. "Fire fighters do not believe that anyone was inside the church, which has been derelict for years. However, they cannot rule out the possibility that some homeless person may have been squatting inside the building. The cause of the fire is still unknown. And back to you...."

After the weather report, once she had dutifully taken her mother's blood pressure, Greer went upstairs to see if she could find out more on line. The list, though, was quiet. The Vaqueras presumably had not yet heard. There would, Greer thought, be hell to pay when they did. After all, this was not only Vachon's church but their faction headquarters.


  • The story was written after Bonnie Pardoe had posted her two stories, "A Boy Called Goo" and "That's A Lot Of Birthday Candles". After reading them, Greer e-mailed Bonnie and was told that the intent was to gauge interest in having another war (War 16) the following year. She therefore decided to add her own ficlet, though—not sure how the Vaqueras planned to follow-up the attack on their headquarters—limited her own story to a mere "marking time" reaction post.[1]
  • Greer's self-insert is consistent with the FK Wars, which are round robins in which players (or fictional versions of themselves) come to Toronto for fun and adventure. However, although clearly set in the FK War universe, the story was posted to FKFIC-L without the War: header. No war was currently going on or planned.

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  1. Personal e-mail correspondence between Greer Watson and Bonnie Kate Pardoe.