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Bonnie Rutledge is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction and filk. She kept several Forever Knight-related websites. In addition to Bon's Forever Knight Fan Fiction Wasteland (an archive of her own stories), she also kept faction sites for the Die-Hards (Why I Love Forever Knight), the Perks (The Good, the Bad and the Perky), and the Nunkies Anonymous.

Bonnie has played in several Forever Knight Wars with the Nunkies Anonymous faction. Most notoriously, she was abducted in one war by the Vaqueras, resulting in a long story arc in which she believed she had been turned into a llama.

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<snip>How long have you been a FK fan? How did you get started?</snip>

First Season, Crimetime After Primetime. I remember it very clearly, July 1992, as I'd adopted my first cat, Vivian Carmencita, from the animal shelter the week before. I was winding down from packing to move into my first apartment, flipping through channels while snuggling with the kitten. I'd came across FK just after the opening credits of "Dark Knight, Pt. 1," so I didn't realize the series premise. I thought I'd stumbled across a regular detective show, and I was interested on those grounds. By the time Nick got back to the loft and started drinking blood from his jade cup, it'd blown my mind. I was hooked. The first time I saw the opening credits, I recognized James D. Parriott's name - when I was a kid, I'd adored his short-lived "Voyagers!" series. About the time "Baby, Baby" aired, I was starting to check out the Internet. I was curious if there was anyone else who liked FK as much as I did, and I quickly found FORKNI-L, making the answer an enthusiastic, "YES!!!"

<snip>Have you ever met anyone off the FK lists?</snip>

Yes. High Priestess Jules, Nancy K., Third Cousin Patt, Libs, Caren, Christy, Shele, Gayle H., Laurie MercBard, NunkMommy Annie, VaqMadre Tracy Sue, June W., and more.

<snip>How and where has FK changed your life, and why?</snip>

Well, I'm pretty sure there would have been less llama in my life without the FK fandom. Call it a hunch. :) More importantly, there are dozens of delightful people and pets I would have never exchanged e-mails with or met if I hadn't watched FK.


From a "Getting to know us" thread on FORKNI-L (1 January 2006)[1]

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