Bridget Hellman
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Bridget Hellman at the 96th Precinct (from Bad Blood.
Brought Across 1994 (Toronto)
Vampire Death 1994 (Toronto, staked)
Master Jack the Ripper
Portrayed By Kimberly Huie
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Bridget rises from the grave as a vampire.

Bridget Hellman was a bright, energetic young detective, newly promoted and enthusiastic about her job. When a series of savage murders brought an Irish police officer, Chief Inspector Liam O'Neal, over to Canada as an Interpol liaison, Bridget jumped at the chance to work on the high profile case.

O'Neal took to the young woman, not only employing her to do research but providing her with tips on detective work. As he suspected that the case was vampire-related, he also took the precaution of giving her a small cross on a neckchain, in the hope that this would protect her. However, he did not tell her why he was doing this. Unfortunately, when Bridget was caught in the killer's lair by the vampire (actually Jack the Ripper), O'Neal was not there. Since she did not know what manner of being she faced, she did not know to use the cross and was drained of blood only seconds before Natalie Lambert found her in the killer's embrace.

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O'Neal lies in wait to kill Bridget

Although O'Neal had to return to Ireland, he waited at Bridget's grave until she returned as a vampire, where he then killed her with a wooden crossbow bolt to the heart.