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Bridging the Knight was a Forever Knight charity auction/mini-con that raised US$48,000 money for Casey House (an AIDS hospice in Toronto) and the Canadian Diabetes Association. It was held 17-19 January 1997 in San Ramon, California.

The first Bridging the Knight was sponsored by various Forever Knight affiliated fan clubs and made possible by the generous donations from Nicholas J. Gray and a number of the show's actors and crew. Participating celebrities connected with Forever Knight included Nigel Bennett (LaCroix), John Kapelos (Schanke), Natsuko Ohama (Capt. Cohen), Jon Cassar, Gary Stephen Rieck, and Gillian Horvath. Others attending included Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and P.N. 'Pat' Elrod.

From this event, the participating actors, directors and writers joined together to form the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance (MPICA). Succeeding auctions have been held under the name Lights, Camera, Auction!.

Initial Announcement[edit | edit source]

Judging by information on Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site,[1] the initial announcement for Bridging the Knight indicated that it would take place 18-20 October 1996 in San Francisco. Nigel Bennett would be the host/auctioneer. Specifically mentioned items to be auctioned included the fake rat, harp, and fake Ontario car licence plate used on the prop Caddy. Mentioned more generally were scripts, art work, fake police badges, and items from LaCroix's wardrobe.

It was also announced that Bridging the Knight would include Q&A sessions, and autograph and photo opportunities.

Auction Items[edit | edit source]

  • LaCroix's ring[1]
  • the dead white rat prop from "Fever". (This was purchased by Libby Singleton.)[2]
  • prop dagger[3]
  • Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod put up for bid five characters in the forthcoming book, His Father’s Son: the winning bidder got to be the character. Together, the sales earned $1100, with the highest bid (over $500) for a Texas hooker who is bitten by the vampire character, Richard Dun.[4]

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