Celtic GlowWorms
Focus Celtic descent
Status some fans still claim the affiliation
Websites The Celtic GlowWorm Faction Page
War Activity Wars 9, 10
Celtic Glowworms icon02
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.


This Celtic-styled graphic was used at the top of most pages of the Celtic GlowWorms faction site.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:Celtic GlowWorms.

The Celtic GlowWorms are a faction of the Forever Knight fan community. They are fans of Celtic descent, or those with an interest in Celtic folklore and history. The name of the faction relates to Nick Knight's self-description, "I don't tan, I don't burn. I implode."

The following statement of purpose was found on the front page of the faction website, and sums up the premise for the Celtic GlowWorms:

Our Faction is open to any Forever Knight fans. We do try to tie all of this together, however we don't believe in limiting ourselves to one topic. In other words, we can discuss such serious topics as the various Celtic legends and the possible vampiric entities in Celtic culture. We can also ponder on what did LaCroix really do those missing 1,000 years (He probably visited Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England-- free food you know), Natalie's Irish roots, Nick's travels in Wales (despite the glaring historical inaccuracies in Queen of Harps), Janette's lovely Gaelic looks (Black Irish if you prefer), Screed's little-known talent for Irish dancing and the Highland Fling, and Schanke's secret desire for Haggis and good pipe and drum music.

Shoot if we want we can even discuss what makeup works best for pale, washed-out folks such as ourselves.

The "Glows"Edit

Although the original meaning of the word "glow" in the name of the faction referred to Nick's words, the faction members later elaborated on it:[1]

...for the purposes of the FORKNI-L/FKFIC-L War universe, [ ... ] all of us, and all of the regular (fictional) staff at the Fiendish Glow have a peculiar sort of bioluminescence that is undetected by most humans (not sure about the vamps, yet!) and by most surveillance equipment.

Our glows are detectable by our special high-tech surveillance equipment (the stuff not generally available to the general public -- we use this equipment for recording anything from sensitive private meetings to social affairs) and also by those of us who have had direct or indirect contact with the Faer Folk on the astral plane.

The following glows have been established for faction members:

  • Lora (TheLadyT): yellow-white, turns faintly neon-greenish while she's in the land of the Faer
  • Brenda: pale gray, turns pink when embarrassed; she turned blindingly-bright, visible-to-all neon green after contact with the Faer Ones and pretty much stayed that way through most of War 9
  • MacHeather: Plaid
  • Pen: Tequila Sunrise

Faction HeadquartersEdit

The Fiendish Glow is a fictional pub on a street corner in downtown Toronto. The Celtic GlowWorms share it with another faction, the Tequila Fiends.

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FK WarsEdit

With the other denizens of the Fiendish Glow, the Tequila Fiends, the Celtic GlowWorms took part in War Nine and War Ten.

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