celtic_glowworm is a Yahoo Group for members of the Celtic Glowworm faction, i.e. Forever Knight fans interested in Celtic culture.

It was started on 19 May 1998 as an open group by Heather P. Dunbar. However, after spam problems, she changed it to restricted status in July 2004. Posting frequency declined after 2002, with only sporadic posts after 2004 and none after 2011. The group had 32 members. Posts could be read by anyone.

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This is a list for the fans of Forever Knight who are interested in Celtic culture and history. We try to combine the two together, but we seldom do. We are pretty informal.

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1 CGW: Hi Again... and working on some neat stuff

Brenda F. Bell May 20, 1998 Hi to all from the *list*! (Thanks, Heather!)

I'm looking at the idea of keeping the Fiendish Glow Web Site (from War 9) up and expanding it into a resource that we can use when writing stories and such. I'll hopefully have a logo (which would probably also be the sign on our front door and on the Metro entrance as well) and some basic information (besides our Grand Opening flyer) by the end of the Weekend.

If you have any suggestions for menu items (food and beverage), send them along...

More on this later <g>...

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Change to Restricted StatusEdit

1027 crap email

Heather P. Dunbar Jul 2, 2004

I thought I set up the group to have new members have to pass through my approval. Apparently I only did it for a few other lists.

Mea Culpa....I'll fix it.



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1037 Re: [celtic_glowworm] Digest Number 347 Sep 18, 2011

Alas, I've moved on to other stuff. I've kept my memberships in several FK groups active just to keep up with friends, but I have no plans to participate in any FK wars if that's what you're wondering.

If anyone is interested in "friending" me on facebook, which is where I hang out most when online, please be forewarned that I lean toward the right. I've offended many of my old friends from fandom with my views because of this, but many others have stuck it out with me and those I consider true friends -- to agree to disagree is a good thing in my book as I see tolerance, friendship, and love going hand in hand.


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1. The Fiendish Glow Posted by: "n2kye" webwarren@... n2kye Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:14 am (PDT)

I'm changing my Earthlink account to a mail-only account, so the Web pages I have there will either be moving or going away completely.

The Fiendish Glow site has not been updated since the end of War 10 -- in part because the Celtic GlowWorms and the Tequila Fiends haven't participated as factions (or fractions) since War 10, and in part because most of us have moved on to other things.

I'm debating whether to move the site to Frank's and my own domain ( or to just let the site die.

Does anyone here have strong feelings either way?

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  • Members : 32
  • Category : Europe
  • Founded : May 19, 1998
  • Language : English

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  • This is a restricted group.
  • Attachments are permitted.
  • Members cannot hide email address.
  • Listed in Yahoo Groups directory.
  • Membership requires approval.
  • Messages are not moderated.
  • All members can post messages.

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