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Portrayed By Daniel MacIvor
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Danny snarls when confronted by Nick

Danny is a vampire about whom precious little is known. He works as a film editor at the Toronto affiliate of the CWB television network. The character is played by actor Daniel MacIvor.

In the episode "Unreality TV" (the only one in which Danny appears), the top brass decide that it would be good publicity to allow a news team from the CWB reality show Cop Watch to follow a couple of detectives around for a few days. The chosen team is Nick Knight and Don Schanke. When Tawny Teller, the reporter on the show, catches Nick flying, he discovers that he cannot hypnotize her into forgetting about it because she has him on tape.

Things get more complicated when Tawny shows the tape to Danny. Unbeknownst to her, he is also a vampire. He calls in the Enforcers to deal with the problem. To them, the ideal solution is simply to kill her. However, Nick manages to persuade her to destroy the tapes, after which it is possible for him to hypnotize her into forgetting all about it.

Nick then goes to the television station and confronts Danny in a hallway. Overwhelming defiance by sheer force of personality, he orders Danny to leave Toronto.