Dead Letters
Author Susan M. Garrett
Date 1996
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Humor, metafiction
Format Short Story
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Story RecapEdit

Urs is awakened by a mid-day letter writing campaign.

Author's NotesEdit

This story was written after people started posting requests for missing story parts to FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU. At the time, the list had automatic post retrieval and the information on how to retrieve posts was added to the end of the story.


  • "Storming at top speed through the club--well, as much as she could storm wearing a black negligee, with robe and high-heeled black slippers with pom-poms on the back--Urs bared her teeth and opened her mouth to snarl at whoever was suicidal enough to wake her up at this time of the afternoon--"

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