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Elizabeth as a vampire (from I Will Repay)
Born circa 1800 (probably Ireland)
Brought Across 1825-1830 (Ireland)
Vampire Death 1825-1830 (Ireland, fire)
Master Nick Knight
Vampires Made None
Portrayed By Denise McLeod
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Before Nick brought her over, Elizabeth suffered from a severe skin disease.

In the historical flashback in the episode I Will Repay, Elizabeth was an apparently well-born woman who fell on very hard times. Suffering from a disfiguring skin disease (most likely leprosy), she was an outcast from society. A gang of locals attacked her as she was walking along the coast, intent on rape until they saw her face. Frightened, they beat her and left her for dead.

She was found by Nick Knight, who treated her injuries and offered to bring her across. This cured her illness and restored her beauty. However she promptly decided to take revenge on those who had attacked her. Nick was appalled: this was not why he'd saved her. Realizing that she had no understanding of his scruples, he thrust her into a fire, and she burned to death.