Ellen Simmons
alias Monica and Jacqueline
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Ellen Simmons is the original human part of the multiple personality.
Born circa 1970 (Vancouver)
Brought Across probably 1994/5 (Vancouver}
Vampire Death 1995 (Toronto, disputed)
Portrayed By Krista Bridges
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Jacqueline is the vampire personality inside Ellen Simmons.

When Ellen Simmons, a legal secretary, turned up at the scene of a murder in Hearts of Darkness, she promptly became the principal suspect. The victim, Don Eckhart, had been a man with various sexual kinks and a violent streak: it was not hard to believe that a woman he picked up might find it necessary to defend herself. Yet Ellen denied killing him. She was in shock. She had no memory of the crime, and her personality did not jibe with that of the woman whom witnesses said had left the Raven the previous night with the murder victim. Ellen told the police that she had only just moved to Toronto from Vancouver the week before.

This left Nick Knight and Tracy Vetter suspecting that Ellen might be no more than a witness. The woman they needed to find was Monica. She had been at the Raven the previous night, when LaCroix had opened the stage to amateur strippers. Monica had been quite a sensation. She had particularly aimed her appeal at Don Eckhart; and the two of them had left together. Since his neck injuries indicated that Eckhart had been killed by a female vampire (and Nick was sure that Ellen was human), that left Monica as the killer. What intrigued him, though, was the fact that Eckhart, like Ellen, had just moved to Toronto from the West Coast. This hardly seemed coincidence.

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Monica is the confident, manipulative, sexualized side of Ellen.

The explanation came when it dawned on Natalie Lambert that all could be explained if Ellen were suffering from a split personality. She might not even know that she was a vampire.

Ellen was being guarded by Tracy and Vachon, neither of whom suspected that an alternate personality was about to emerge. Although this appeared at first to be Monica, she introduced herself as Jacqueline—a third personality, and the only one aware that Monica had met a vampire one night and been brought over prior to Ellen's move to Toronto from Vancouver. Back in Vancouver, Jacqueline had known that Eckhart was guilty of assault, and she had influenced Ellen to follow him to Toronto.

Jacqueline had emerged to hunt another abusive man, one she had spotted when Ellen was at the police station. After she had killed him, though, her personality had no reason to remain active. Ellen re-emerged. Horrified by the corpse, which she assumed she must have killed, she jumped off the building to her death.

Or thought she did. But, of course, vampires cannot be killed so easily.

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