En Vacances

Screen capture of the webpage for "En Vacances".
Author Greer Watson
Date 23 August 2015
Where posted FK Fic Fest
Rating/Warning PG13
Genres Ficathons, drama, Last Knight story
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

Natalie and Janette in Paris.


Written for havocthecat in FK Fic Fest 2015 (released 1 September), and beta-read by fawatson. Word count: 3020 words.


“I suppose,” said Janette, a little distant, not looking round, “you and Nicolas always planned to come here together.”

There was a longer pause. “No,” said Natalie finally, thoughtfully. “Actually, it never came up. We were focused on a cure, not what would come after.”


  • "This one's going to sit with me awhile, I think. The story is so powerful. I loved the interplay of Natalie's recovery in the hospital with the fulfillment of a wish to see Paris, and neither going as she could have envisioned. Natalie is only beginning to see what she's in for. Janette's view of vampire worth contrasts so horrifically beautifully with Natalie's view of human worth. And I especially appreciated Natalie pointing out how "moving on" is little more than changing places in their life circle. / The ending is the kicker, and boy did it kick me. I don't often have verbal responses to stories, but those two lines merited an actual "ooph" and a moment of stunned processing. Excellent job!" — comment by LadySilver on AO3
  • "It struck me that this could almost be a sequel to Merfilly's “Family from the Ashes“. How peculiar that we have two stories this year where Janette takes a vampire Natalie under her wing. [...] I'm not quite sure I caught the ending the way you intended it. Is this really happening or is it just a dream that Natalie has in the hospital?" — comment by PJ1228 on AO3
    • "Yes, on the one hand: the obvious interpretation is that Janette visited Natalie in hospital and either brought her across because she was dying or took her under her wing when Nick's bite had its inevitable effect. (Let us not forget that Screed said that carouches create vampire animals when they fail to "lick their plate clean".) / Yes, on the other hand: there is something anomalous about the dark-haired, blue-eyed woman who visits Natalie in hospital. (Is she Janette?) If you go back and read through the story again, you may perhaps pick out some of the clues I at least tried to scatter to indicate that the Parisian scenes could (should?) be interpreted as an extended "Near Death" experience, probably prolonged because of the medical intervention. / So the ambiguity is quite deliberate. I want the reader to see both possibilities. (I can only hope they do.)" — reply by greerwatson on AO3

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