Erica and her favorite doll in Last Act.
Born sometime between 1692 and 1792
Brought Across between 1692 and 1792
Vampire Death 1992 (self immolation)
Portrayed By Torri Higginson

Erica was a former lover of Nick Knight. She appears in one episode of Forever Knight, Last Act, in both the flashback scenes and the modern day.

In flashback she is a stage actress and writer with Nick in what is assumed England due to their reference to moving onto Gloucester. The manner of dress puts them sometime in the 17th Century, but this is not exact as Nick states he knew Erica for around two to three hundred years.

She starts out happy and enjoying eternal life being able to write her plays and make people smile, but as the flashbacks continue she becomes depressed, believing that once a vampire stops contributing to society, then it is their time to move on. This is much different from most vampires who do nothing but exist to excess.

In modern day, she has finally committed vampire suicide by sitting on a park bench waiting for the sun to come up. Nick comes across her remains and recognizes her ring and knows what has happened.

In remembering the past Nick begins to see Erica in the modern day as an hallucination, her image calling him to end his own life as well, and after 800 years of life, Nick starts to find the offer tantalizing.

Before her death, Erica wrote one last play called “The Last Act” where an old woman retires from the scene and tells her granddaughter to live on, in the moment. With this heartfelt moment, Nick both figures out key points in his current case and realizes that it’s not time for him to retire just yet.

Seeing Erica one last time he tells her he's not ready to give up just yet. She tells him she’ll be waiting for him and then disappears.

Fan FictionEdit

Erica appears as a significant character in the following works of fan fiction: