Dawn of a New Knight
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Nick Knight
Author Greer Watson
Date posted 20 September 2004
Rating/Warning PG
Genres episode of virtual season
Format script (modified)
Series FK4
Next "Sang Ordinaire"
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"Dawn of a New Knight".
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"Dawn of a New Knight".

Season premiere. Nick and his partner Tracy investigate a gay-bashing in High Park; a hijacking threatens the vampires of Toronto.

Only irresponsible, thoughtless vampires will be killing people. How reassuring!
— Natalie, Dawn of a New Knight


Late nineteenth century, Boston.

Vampire LoreEdit

Nick learns the details of the local system of collecting, bottling, and distributing blood to vampires living in the Toronto area.


Series RegularsEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • desk sergeant


  • Charles Ryan
  • Mike Campbell
  • Dinah
  • Rich Orton
  • Detective Ianetti
  • George Cunningham
  • Ysabel Rocca
  • Simon Mieka
  • Soo-Ling
  • Dr. Hendricks
  • teen-aged gay basher
  • TV news announcer
  • doctor

Other InformationEdit

"Dawn of a New Knight" is the first episode in FK4, a virtual fourth season written by Greer Watson. FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place.

  • Rating: PG
  • Date Completed: Original one-episode version completed April 1997. Expansion to two episodes began in late summer 1997, with "Dawn of a New Knight" completed March 1998.
  • Order Written: 9 (original version)
  • Date Posted: 20/09/2004
  • Website: FK4
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