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Night Vision
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Holding her weapon, Tracy peers round the corner of the building.
Author Greer Watson
Date posted 11 October 2004
Rating/Warning PG
Genres episode of virtual season
Format script (modified)
Series FK4
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Next FK405: Glowing Embers
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"Night Vision".
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"Night Vision".

Nick is suspended after shooting a black suspect in the back; Vachon recalls his arrival in Toronto with his friends Urs and Screed.

You know—I reckon I serve a himportant function in the "urban e-coh-logy", killing rats.
— Screed, Night Vision


Between Season Two and Season Three. Vachon's crew arrive in Toronto, where circumstances cause the group to go their separate ways.


Series Regulars[]

Recurring Characters[]


  • Jordan Rainey
  • Shelley White
  • Paul Huff
  • Mrs. Rainey
  • Guy Friedman
  • Gale Bennett
  • Mrs. Morgan
  • police officer
  • newspaper reporter
  • male vampire 1
  • male vampire 2
  • female vampire


Other Information[]

"Night Vision" is the fourth episode in FK4, a virtual fourth season for the television series Forever Knight written by Greer Watson. FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place.

  • Rating: PG
  • Date Completed: October 1996
  • Order Written: 4
  • Date Posted: 11/10/2004
  • Website: FK4