Death Shall Be No More
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Dr. Natalie Lambert at work in her laboratory.
Author Greer Watson
Date posted 22 November 2004
Rating/Warning PG
Genres episode of virtual season
Format script (modified)
Series FK4
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Next FK409: Walk Out Once More Beneath the Sun
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A frozen body is stolen from cryonic storage; in early 19th century Edinburgh, a medical researcher helps Nick in his search for a cure.

I'm not totally dumb, Nick. Blonde, yeah. Dumb, no.
— Tracy, Death Shall Be No More


This episode has two flashbacks:

  • Edinburgh, 1828. A young Scottish medical researcher requires Nick's help in procuring bodies if he is to be able to continue looking for a cure for vampirism.
  • New Orleans, around 1890. After Urs is bitten by Vachon, she has a vision while unconscious at the point of death.

Vampire LoreEdit

Natalie sends samples of Nick's tissue off for gene sequencing of the extra nucleotides in his RNA.


Series RegularsEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit


  • David Murray
  • Zillah Murray
  • Sandy Murray
  • Lucilla Murray
  • Andrew Murray
  • Dr. Maura Burchall
  • Gus McCloskey
  • Lowrie
  • George Brandt
  • woman in Urs's death vision


Other InformationEdit

"Death Shall Be No More" is the eighth episode in FK4, a virtual fourth season for the television series Forever Knight written by Greer Watson. FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place.

  • Rating: PG
  • Date Completed: March 2001
  • Order Written: 23
  • Date Posted: 22/11/2004
  • Website: FK4
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