The tenth of the FK Wars. It ran from 13 August 1999 to 27 August 1999.


FKWarlocks Gregor and Drusilla


The FK vampires suddenly find themselves mortal.


  • In order to help keep a consistent time zone schedule, U.S. Central Time was used when referring to times of the day.
  • A War Faction Leader list was set up, subscribing those who submitted their permission slips as faction leaders.
  • To use a non-factioned character, an announcement should be made to the list that you are planning to use the character at a certain time and place for a certain length of time. This could allow someone else, per coordinated agreement, to work your scene into theirs if they wanted to, and you agreed with it. An example would be someone witnessing your scene or part from a distance, or actually taking an indirect part in it. (On the other hand, if the character(s) in question has a representative faction oarticipating in the War, their leadership would need to be consulted for permission before using the character.)
  • You can't have any powers a mortal doesn't have, and you can't be anything but a mortal.

Factions InvolvedEdit

Members: Arletta Asbury, Brandi Morgan, Nancy Debretsion, Cousin Shelley (Liaison to the Cousins)
Members: LeeAnn, Kat, Kimberly, Teresa, Caroline, Kathy, Julia, Aron Michaels, Lorna, Alex, Claudia

In addition:

  • The Inn of Crossed Swords was temporarily relocated to Toronto. Warring with the Inn were: Molly Schneider, Laurie of the Isles, Debi McK, Dawn Clare, Luc, and Debbie Robinson-Vincent (a.k.a. Bubbles)[1]


Memorable momentsEdit


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