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"Prepare Yourself... It's Going To Be a Long Night..." was the ninth of the FK Wars. It ran from 25 April to 12 May 1998.


"La Sinestra"



Natalie's vampire-research book (with information about a possible cure for Nick's vampirism) has been stolen. LaCroix sends word out to the factions that he's offering a reward of $250,000 for its return—to him. Nick finds out and is angry, and offers his own reward, double LC's price, for the information to come to him directly. But LC also doubles his reward....

Factions InvolvedEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

At the beginning of War 9 there was a mix-up over the dates the war was supposed to start and end. As a result, after the first few posts, the rules and premise had to be sent to the list (?again), and Meribeth resigned.

Since yesterday (5 am edt for those who have to know) I have been trying to sort out exactly when the war started. After the brief confusion that reigned at midnight last night - I went through my printouts and archived messages about this war and have discovered the we have gotten 4 different messages, three with the time changes and 1 with what I assumed was the correct start time. It appears at this point that I was wrong - fine. As of now, 11:30 am edt, I have been up for over 24 hours trying to figure out where the confusion began and how to sort it out so that I knew what was going on. I'm still not straight on it.

Finally - I have in the last several hours been informed that I am apparently considered as playing this war on a "special status". I do know that some of you think that I have been given too many privalges for a relative newbie to the lists. I never asked for the role that I am in - it was offered to me, I accepted. I would have been perfectly happy to spend the course of the war as an observer and borderline participant, maybe even a possible recruitee. Yet - at this stage in the game I am beginning to regret becoming involved at all. -- Meribeth, Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:39:53 (War post D0142598.013)

Memorable momentsEdit

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