ForKni-L Mailing List was created by Jean Prior and Laurie Salopek on 9 December 1992[1] for discussion of the television series Forever Knight.

Initially, as with the other PSU mailing lists, posts to FORKNI-L were automatically archived on the servers. As the list became very high traffic in the mid-90s, it was eventually agreed to discontinue this feature as a condition of the list continuing to be hosted by PSU.[2]

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Previous listowners/moderators have included:

The current FORKNI-L listowners are:


Some (though not all) FORKNI-L posts have been archived.


The most usual pronunciation of the list name is ""for-nigh-el".

In 1996, an unofficial poll was conducted by Amy, Lady of the Knight that elicited 13 different pronunciations for FORKNI-L. Forty people participated in the poll, with the following results:[3]

  • for-nigh-el 11
  • fork-nigh-el 5
  • "for Nigel" 4
  • "The List" 3
  • fork-nee-el 3
  • fork-nigh 3
  • fork-nite 3
  • fork-nil 2
  • fork-nee 2
  • for-nee-el 1
  • for-nik-el 1
  • for-nite-el 1
  • for-nigh 1

List RulesEdit

Over time, the precise rules governing FORKNI-L have altered. The following points should be noted:

Non-Forever Knight VampiresEdit

The discussion of vampires from sources other than the Forever Knight series and the previous Nick Knight television movie is permitted only for purposes of comparison.


During the early years of the list, when new episodes of Forever Knight were still being aired, there was an elaborate procedure in place to avoid revealing information to fans who might not yet have seen an episode. The following rules applied:

  • There was a ban on posting spoilers about new episodes until the second Tuesday after the episode's first satellite feed.
  • Starting at noon Eastern Time on the second Tuesday after the first satellite feed, posting of spoilers was permitted provided:
    • the subject line had a "SPOILER:" prefix and included the name of the episode;
    • the message started with a warning;
    • ten blank lines preceded the discussion of the episode.
  • Starting on the third Tuesday after the first satellite feed, the ten blank lines could be omitted, but the spoiler warning still had to be included.

Not until the fourth Tuesday after the first satellite feed was open discussion of the episode permitted on the FORKNI-L list.[4] In 1995, the FKSPOILR list was created to simplify the procedure.

"List Hampsters"Edit

At one time, whenever there were problems with the listserv for FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU, they were blamed on the "list hampsters". The reference and spelling came from the joke script pages for "Last Knight" which were written to cheer up the cast.[5]

For the final episode, two of the writers came up with a gag set of changed scenes for the script. In this the man who wouldn't go back became a kangaroo. The hospital scene included a nurse who was a "hampster," spelled that way. So we decided that the reason the listserv sometimes ran slow or did weird things was because it was powered by "list-hampsters" running in their little wheels.[6]

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