Fatal Mistake
Broadcast Date  16 February 1993
Season  1
Broadcast Order  20th
Episode Number  21
Production Number  120
Writer  Michael Sadowski
Director  Don McCutcheon
Previous Story: If Looks Could Kill

Next Story: 1966

It's a scientific fact that people hallucinate when they don't have enough fat or sugar.
— Schanke, Fatal Mistake



As Nick fights off a ghost from his past, Stonetree is haunted after accidentally killing a young robbery suspect. Nick's distraction from the case leaves Stonetree on his own in trying to find missing evidence to justify the shooting.

Guest CastEdit

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* Cynthia Belliveau......Alexandra

* David Stratton......Billy Soule

* Sandi Ross......Grace Balthazar

* Tony Perri......the bus driver

* Simon Reynolds......Eddie Shore

* Linda Goranson......Mrs. Shore

* Ken James......the used car dealer (?)

* Conrad Coates......Internal Affairs Officer

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Fan FictionEdit

FK404: Night Vision by Greer Watson employs the same plot device, although in that story it is Nick who shoots a suspect.





Behind the ScenesEdit

The German title for this episode is "Notwehr" ("Self Defence").



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* The wooden plank with which Alexandra impales Nick changes angles between the time it strikes him and the time he pulls it out. Initially, the flat side is tilted to the left; later the flat side is tilted to the right.

* Between shots, the tow truck and the red van that it is towing change positions at the entrance to the alley.

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