Feliks Twist
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Feliks Twist (from Blood Money).
Portrayed By Andrew Gillies
Fan Factions Feliksities

Feliks Twist is an investment analyst employed by Nick Knight to manage the enormous fortune of the De Brabant Foundation. Despite being a vampire, he is a keen gardener, growing his beloved plants under lights indoors.

Im the episode "Blood Money" (the only one in which he appears), it is Feliks to whom Nick turns after the murder of his original investment manager, Charles DuChamps, owner of the Maison DuChamps. Not trusting the dubious expertise of the younger DuChamps (who is, in any case, the chief suspect in his father's murder), Nick goes to Feliks to see to the reinvestment of the De Brabant fortune. To the dismay of both, Feliks discovers that the entire resources of the De Brabant Foundation have mysteriously vanished.

Further investigation solves both the embezzlement and the murder. After the recovery of the money, Nick leaves it in Feliks's good hands.

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Feliks with his flowers

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a garden under artificial light

Fan ActivitiesEdit


Although Feliks is a moderately popular character, no faction was ever created for him. However, in recent years, the name Feliksities has occasionally been used by Greer Watson. Having said that, factions are no longer a major aspect of Forever Knight fandom.


No backstory for Feliks is provided in canon. As a result, any fans wishful to write about him are thrown on their own resources. However, he is rarely sufficiently the focus for his history to be much elaborated. In DJ Clawson's stories (especially "A Question of Loyalty", but also in the Macedonian Vampire Series), Feliks's master and lover is an Indian vampire, Hajji Rahman bin Isma’il ibn Īsā ibn Surat ibn Mūsā al-Khawlani, who brought him across in the nineteenth century when Feliks was stationed in the British Raj. In dlyt's "The Advantages of Age", however, Feliks is depicted as a vampire of much the same age as LaCroix, who picked up the hobby of gardening after the invention of sunlamps.

Fan FictionEdit

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