Flights of Angels
Author Gryphonrhi
Date 12 February 2010
Where posted AO3
Rating/Warning PG
Genres humour, crossover, Last Knight story
Format Short Story
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Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Good Omens. Last Knight story. With Nick and Natalie dying, LaCroix decides to call in a couple of favours.


Written as a gift for Devo. Length: 2,747 words

Recommended by lightbird in a post on the fancake Dreamwidth community: "Hilarious crossover crack and an FK fix-it, with a perfect LaCroix point of view and terrific characterizations all around."


He appeared in a gleam of gold and a flicker of fire, spine straight and shoulders level, in sun-bleached white and hammer-clean gold. He even sustained such power and glory through two words.

"Fear not-- Oh. It's you."

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