Arletta Asbury's Fourth Season is a series of short stories set after the events of "Last Knight".

Natalie wakes up in hospital, depressed by her memories of what has happened and the fact that she has no family to visit. However, when she has recovered, she is mysteriously told to go to the airport. There a ticket to Paris is waiting; and, once she boards, her possessions are packed up to follow.

All has been arranged by LaCroix, who has also provided false identities in which Nick and Natalie are married. They quickly move into a house, which they share with LaCroix and Urs; and each decides on a new career.

"An Unusual Conversation Among Friends" is a semi-connected story (with allusions indicative that it represents a postscript to the series). Set in the 24th century of the Star Trek universe, it carries the history of vampires into a utopian future.

Fourth Season[edit | edit source]

Post Fourth Season[edit | edit source]

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