Comtesse de Montagne
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Francesca, la comtesse de Montagne (from Francesca).
Brought Across 12th Century (France)
Vampire Death 1755 (chateau near Avignon, France)
Master Lucien LaCroix
Portrayed By Maria Syrgiannis
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Francesca snarls in fanged fury.

In the flashback to the episode Francesca (which takes place in 1755), Nick and LaCroix had to leave Paris in a hurry; and LaCroix decided that they would take refuge at the estate of the Comtesse du Montagne near Avignon, on the Côtes du Rhône. For the first time, Nick learned that—long before he had been brought across—LaCroix had done the same thing to this woman of whom he had never heard before. Clearly, she and LaCroix had long since come to an amicable parting of the ways.

Francesca entertained her guests nobly. She had a talented string quartet play for them. She was clearly flirting with Nick, who was equally attracted to her. Later, the two had a very sexually charged encounter in his bedroom. But things turned sour when she offered him a special treat, and he discovered that she had killed and drained the violinist whose playing he had so admired. She offered him the blood in a cup; and, as soon as Nick took a sip, he knew what had happened. He was horrified: she couldn't understand why.

The rest of the quartet were in the dungeon; and Nick had to kill Francesca to free them. Two centuries later, she was reincarnated in a man named Frank, whose hallucinations of her life eventually led him to murder. The connection became clear when he relived Francesca's death under hypnosis; and his therapist, recognizing similarities to the recent string of murders, went to the police with the information. When Nick went after Frank, he found that he had to kill "Francesca" all over again.