Gerald Archer
Tn fever 172crop
The human physician, Gerald Archer (from Fever)
Born early 17th Century (England)
Brought Across 1665 (London)
Vampire Death 1665 (London, burning)
Master Nick Knight
Vampires Made None
Portrayed By Chris Britton
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Gerald Archer, as a vampire, confronted by his human enemies

Gerald Archer was an idealistic young medical doctor in London during the Great Plague of 1665. When others fled, he remained to treat the sick, defying those who claimed that plague only took sinners. He was fortunate enough not to become ill himself, but scorned the danger.

His courage and idealism greatly impressed Nick Knight, who was in London with LaCroix. Believing that Archer would be able to help more if he were immune to disease, Nick was tempted to offer to bring him across; and LaCroix, though sceptical, did not disagree with the plan.

To Nick's horror, once Dr. Archer became immortal, he lost his desire to help those in need. Instead, he preyed on his patients. The increased death rate was noticeable enough for the local minister to whip up a mob and confront him. Archer's believed himself invulnerable, and his arrogance at the supposed inferiority of humans was so great that he revealed himself to be a vampire. He was shocked to be confronted by a cross, from which he recoiled; and the minister then set him ablaze with a torch.

As Archer died, Nick and LaCroix prudently slipped away, and left London for safer parts.

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