Focus Nick/Vachon, Nick & Vachon
Type of Faction couple faction
Status still has members claiming the affiliation
Dates ?1996 - present
Founder Knightie Katrinka
Heartbreakers icon01
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please see Category:Heartbreakers.

The Heartbreakers are a Forever Knight fan faction who see potential in the relationship between Nick Knight and Javier Vachon. They are open to all shades of interpretation, from slash to gen.

Faction HistoryEdit

When Vachon was introduced in Season Three, there was discussion of possible names for a Nick/Vachon faction. Other names that were originally proposed include "Nick/Vachon Advocate" (proposed by Karen Tobin), "Punks & Monks" (proposed by Sarah Welsh), and "Nicovac" (proposed by Jackie Wagner). However, when the faction was formally founded by Knightie Katrinka, she decided to use the name "Heartbreakers", coined by Karen Tobin. The faction appears on Meredith's Affiliations FAQ[1] of 15 May 1996. The Heartbreakers faction has always been very small.

On 7 January 1999, a second faction for Nick/Vachon was founded by elfin (from the Unnamed Faction) and Javiette. They called it the Night Haven: it has a website, NightHaven Fiction. On a number of longer faction lists both "Heartbreakers" and "Night Haven" may appear, often with the annotation that they mean the same thing. However, the Night Havens are exclusively interested in a slash relationship between Nick and Vachon.

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