Jody Fraser
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Jody Fraser as a blind human in Blind Faith.
Brought Across 1995 (Toronto)
Master Perry
Portrayed By Diana Zimmer
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Jody flies out of Toronto after being brought across.

Formerly a helicopter pilot with the Toronto police force, Jody Fraser was forced into a desk job as a dispatcher when blinded by multiple sclerosis.

Tracy Vetter and Jody were sorority sisters in college, but Tracy could not at first come to terms with her friend's illness, even though Jody refused to let her disabilities define her. When a police case brought them together again, Tracy started to accept that her friend's condition was still deteriorating.

When Jody's seeing eye dog, Perry, was turned into a vampire by a carouche, this did not affect the way that he looked after her. However, Jody quickly became disturbed by her faithful friend's seemingly odd behavior: for example, he refused to leave the house during the day, and would not eat his regular dog food. He was recognized as a vampire by Nick Knight, who was able to provide Perry with blood; but, when Perry drove a serial rapist away from his mistress, and later left her in order to save another victim by killing the man, Nick suspected that the dog was turning savage. He decided that Perry had to be staked. However, the dog escaped, returned to Jody, and brought her across with a bite. This cured her illness and restored her eyesight though she was now a vampire. Regardless, Nick took no action against them. Happy together again, Jody and her dog left Toronto to begin their new undead existence.

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