Joni Latham

Joni Latham
Pen names Cousin Joni

Joni Latham is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Joni Latham.

Fan Fiction

The following stories are listed chronologically by the date posted or published.



  • "Moriah: The Intrinsic Protector"[3][4] (1 January)
  • "Moriah: Coming of Age"[5][6] (20 January)
  • "Moriah 3: RedNecked Revenge"[7][8] (2 June)

(no date)

These are all Nunkies Anonymous stories.

  • "Awakening"[9]
  • "A Birthday Fantasy"[10]
  • "Carpet Cleaning, Addict-Style"[11]
  • "An Initiate's Fantasy"[12]
  • "Fantasy for New NA Members"
  • "Moriah 4: Is Silence Really Golden?"[13]
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