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Knight Crossing
Author dlyt
Date 26 May 2022
Where posted FK Fic Fest
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama, futurefic
Format short story
Archive Location

Story Recap[]

Nick and Natalie find a cure. That’s a good thing, right?


Written for FK Fic Fest 2022 to the prompt, "when everything changed", and beta'd by the author's oldest son. The story was released on 31 May. Length: 4597 words.

Author's Note[]

  • Timeline: AU departing from canon sometime late in the 3rd season, after “Ashes to Ashes.”


He gave them no warning, no opportunity for either fight or flight. One moment Nick and Natalie were alone, enjoying a quiet domestic evening in their little house, the remains of dinner on the table, a load of laundry between them on the sofa waiting to be folded, and the next moment, LaCroix loomed over them, eyes ablaze and fangs clearly visible as he snarled. Natalie, who had just been about to speak, shouted instead — an involuntary outcry — as she dropped the shirt she was folding.


Shorter Comments[]

  • "Wow... just wow. That surely was an emotional rollercoaster." — excerpted from comment by TheFruitBat on AO3
  • "This is sooooo sad. But well written. The feelings are well conveyed. [...] The amounts of liquor seem to indicate that all was not well in the mortal life Nick and Natalie had created for themselves.
    I found amusement in the fact that it obviously never occurred to Nick to finish folding the laundry. Medieval men!" — excerpted from comment by PJ1228]] on AO3
  • "This is not your vegan Bunnicula, eh? Your story is a tragedy, obviously (and not least for the rabbit); but it is actually a sadly probable outcome were Natalie to find a cure. Or "cure", from LaCroix's perspective. You do a fine job of showing us his perspective. Appalled, yet still protective of his son: yes, I can well believe that." — excerpted from comment by greerwatson on AO3

Longer Comment[]

Oh, my! This is "when everything changed" with a vengeance! Tragedy all around, and hubris -- drama's favorite tragic flaw -- comes out to play in both Natalie and Lacroix, facing off again as in "Fever."

I found "Knight Crossing" a very entertaining ride, from the fraught philosophical and metaphorical positioning in the first half to the simpler yet rapidly cascading loss and perils -- and finally the twist ending -- of the second.

Given the past few years, it was apparent as soon as you pointed it out here how the "vampire virus" angle from "The Fix" lends itself to questions of immunity, vaccines, and choice. And then also to: what requires treatment versus what is a natural variation that requires respect (or endurance) as it is, and how much that must be in the eyes of the person with the contested situation or in the eyes of society... or, in a vampire fiction, when that call really must be ending vampires preying on humans. Good work!

excerpted from comment by brightknightie on AO3