Libby A. Smith
Pen names Libby Singleton, Libs/Libby, Libratsie

Libby Smith (formerly known as Libby Singleton) is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction and poetry. During the heyday of the fandom she generally used her married name, but has since gone back to her maiden name.

Libby wrote four of the episodes for V4S, one of the virtual fourth seasons written by fans to continue Forever Knight.

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- How long have you been a FK fan? How did you get started?

I vaguely remember seeing part of an episode when it was on CBS and rather liking it, but I can't even remember which episode. I knew about the show in season 2 because friends in the sci fi club watched it. When season 3 rolled around, I was recovering from one of my infamous serious car wrecks (and I'm never at fault *sigh*) and some of the sci fi club members were over visiting. One asked if we could watch FK as it was the first episode of the 3rd season and he was curious about the cast changes. I liked it well enough to tune in the next week...

But by the next week the Valium I was taken for my car wreck back injury was building up in my system, unknown at the time to my doctor or me. So I was on quite a "vallium high" when I first saw Screed and the rats. I thought him eating rats was about the coolest thing I'd ever seen on television. The doctor has since written all over my medical records, "DO NOT GIVE VALLIUM!"

- Have you ever met anyone off the FK lists?

Dozens, literally. I couldn't begin to name you all. The founder of Nunkies Anonymous was even a roommate for a short while (as a result of me hearing on an FK list that she needed a temporary place to live in my area). She now rooms with another Forkni-l alumni about a mile from me although we never seem to run into each other (I don't think either one is still on the list).

— From a "Getting to know us" thread on FORKNI-L (29 December 2005)[1]

**How and where has FK changed your life, and why?

Well, I most certainly would not have rat/mice figurines and collectibles all over my house if it hadn't all started with The Ratsie Wot Kilt Screed. I also would not have the number of wonderful friends, both Internet and Real Life, who I've met through FK. I also am not quite so sure I'd have come to realization about my orientation so calmly.

When my ex left, it was an FK fan who insisted on calling me across the country to stay on the phone with me until a real life friend (also an FK fan) arrived at my house to check on me. By then, I was ready to CELEBRATE my quite sudden and unexpected independence and freedom! <g>

I'd still be acting and writing, but I would not have some of the support I've received, especially as far as acting is concerned. If it wasn't for one of the FK actors, I also don't think I'd be as well known in the local acting community for my facial expressions<g> and to some extent, some of the character voices and accents I can do. I certainly would not have written the FK parody for Shanda Fantasy Art's 'Atomic Mouse' (issue 3, for the comic book readers)

(I also would not have made a few directors scream in horror at what they thought was a dead white half eaten rat on stage before rehearsal...)

I just remembered that the person who first talked me into auditioning I met through this list! She hasn't been on the list for a long time, but following my ex leaving, she invited me to attend a play with her. Inside the playbill was an audition notice. She mentioned she thought I'd be a great actor. I told her I'd done one play right before I got married, but wasn't able to pursue it further due to in-law objections. So my theatrical addiction IS FK's and this list's fault!

If it wasn't for FK, I'd still be me, but I'm not quite sure I'd be as much me as I am today BWAHAHAHA

Response to an "FK Question" thread on FORKNI-L (30 December 2005)[2]

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