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Lisa McDavid
Pen names McLisa (nickname), lisamcdavid (LJ)

Lisa McDavid is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction, and one of the current moderators of the FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU mailing list. She is often referred to by the nickname "McLisa".

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>> How long have you been a FK fan? How did you get started?

Back when the first season was on CBS Crimetime after Primetime, in 1992, my best friend since junior high school told me about the show. I must admit I laughed. "A homicide cop who's a WHAT?" But she kept after me until I set the VCR and taped Only the Lonely. I was hooked, and a hopeless Nick and Nat romantic at that. Figuring that if anyone could tell me anything about FK, it would be a list I'd heard of called Vampyres (no longer with us in that form, alas), I joined it. Shortly afterwards someone told Vampyres about the new FK list, and I subscribed at once.

>> Have you ever met anyone off the FK lists?

Oh, yes, quite a few at cons and when I've been in Toronto. Will and Greer gave me a marvellous time touring Toronto and seeing FK sighs by day and night last year.

From a "Getting to know us" thread on FORKNI-L (30 December 2005)[1]

>Granted, we've got some pretty good genre TV on right now. So why did you >watch FK?

Originally because a friend nagged me until I set my vcr during the first season. I've always been fascinated by angst-ridden vampires, ever since the original Dark Shadows. The first episode I ever saw was Only the Lonely. The next, of course, was Feeding the Beast. The characters were so strongly drawn and their interactions so fascinating that I got hooked.

>Did you watch it more for the vampire than the cop shop?
>More copshop than vampire?
>Equal time to both?

The vampire only. I would have gotten hooked if Nick hadn't been a cop. It's not that I don't like cop shows as a genre, but there's no way I'd have stayed up in the middle of the night and worked in a zombie-like trance next day for a cop show. (My local station couldn't be trusted, when FK was on CBS, to show it when it was listed.) I'd simply have said, hey, nice show, pity it's on at such a bad hour and left it alone.

From a "Why do you watch it?" threas on FORKNI-L (20 May 1996)[2]

>**How and where has FK changed your life, and why?

Before FK, I thought I was a freak of nature. I only knew one other person with interests and an imagination similar to mine, the friend who told me about FK. I was already on the internet because I had access as part of my job, but only on Feline-L. Once FK revived my interest in vampires -- I'm another one who got hooked on Dark Shadows, the original which was in first run on ABC while I was in college, I got into online fandom via Vampyres@guvm (no longer with us in that form alas) and through Vampyres into Forkni-l and Fkfic-l. I ended up as acting listowner on Vampyres, which was very much like herding supernatural cats <g>, so when Jaye needed an assistant for Forkni-l, I offered to help. I'm in my second stint now as a listowner (couldn't do it without Don, who takes time for all the tech stuff). Believe it or not, before FK I was a repressed. shy loner. Thanks to FK I've got lots of friends who are as happily weird as I am :) and I've gotten over my shyness. !

I've been to several places I'd probably not have gotten to without the show. (I love to travel but hadn't thought of going to Toronto or Los Angeles until I started going to cons.)

Oh, yes, and my writing had dried up for nearly ten years as a result of a series of personal crises. FK fanfic gave it back to me, although I haven't written fanfic other than wars for some years now.

Response to an "FK Question" thread on FORKNI-L (31 December 2005)[3]

Fan Fiction[]

The following stories are listed chronologically by the date posted or published.



  • "To Each Hiss Own"[4] (13 June)


  • "Photo Finish"[5] (9 August)


  • "Bar Sinister: An FK Eyebrow Challenge Story"[6] (25 March)
  • "Outside Chance"[7][8] (24 August) - published in Forever Cat Stories
  • "The Werewolf of Toronto"[9] (25 August)
  • "Forfeit"[10] (15 October)
  • "A Forever Knight Christmas Carol, or, What the Dickens?"[11] (6 December)





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