Look Ma, I Can Sing
Author Bonnie Kate Pardoe
Date March 1996
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama, casefic
Format Short story
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Story RecapEdit

When three women are murdered after singing at a nightclub's Amateur Night, Tracy goes undercover and recruits Vachon to play in her back-up band.


  • Vachon looked sideways at Tracy, out from under his bangs and bearly nodded his assent. Of course he would help. He always did. All the fun of playing cops and robbers without any of the boring paper work.
  • "Mom had this fantasy that I might chose to be an opera singer instead of a cop."
  • Vachon read over the hand-written words. The thin, blue ink spread out in soft loops down the page; the unique, sharp tails of her 'g's and 'j's were a charming contrast. The words formed a driving, rythmic poem which she had titled 'I Awake'. "You wrote this?"

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