Focus Nigel Bennett
Type of Faction actor-focused (NOT an official fan club)
Status inactive
Dates May 1996 - ?
Founder Allison Percy
MacGregors icon04
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

The MacGregors are a joke faction for ardent fans of Nigel Bennett (the actor who played LaCroix), especially those who do not consider themselves to be Cousins. The faction originated when he read part of Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit (the first few pages and then the end bit)[1] at the Syndi-Con East convention in May 1996.

The faction began after Allison Percy posted a convention report, "Syndi-Con East", to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU on 13 May 1996. The following is excerpted:

Good sport that he is, [Nigel] agreed to read a bit from "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter -- the way he says "don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor" would make any child shiver.  ;^)

He also was nice enough to sign a number of items to be added to the charity auction at the Weekend with Ger -- so maybe those going to the Weekend who are also big fans of Nigel (and I know there are a lot of crossover fans!) will find something to tide them over until Nigel's fan club auctions off his wardrobe & such in October. He did tease me by *pretending* that he was hesitant to sign things for a bunch of Knighties -- please don't tease an extremely nervous fan who just might melt into a puddle at your feet at any moment!  ;^)

Nigel also described a great idea he had for a script to finish off Season Three. Too bad they didn't pick his idea; I thought it was terrific, even if it did send Lacroix up in smoke at the end. Well, he could always have come back periodically in flashbacks and dream sequences as he did in the first season. Still... I've always been one of those Knighties who think Nick wouldn't be nearly as much fun without Lacroix tormenting him all the time. What does that make me, a Tormented Knightie?

Still, since I don't want Lacroix to be successful in his efforts to get Nick to accept his vampire nature, I certainly can't declare myself a Cousin no matter how big a fan of Nigel's I am... So I'm thinking of starting a faction for those who really want to hear an entire audiobook of Nigel Bennett reading "Peter Rabbit" and the other Beatrix Potter books.

Should we call ourselves the Bunnies (fuzzy, warm connotations) or the McGregors (let's see how much he can scare those kids)????

It should perhaps be noted that, in the original story (and in Allison's post) Mr. McGregor's name is spelled without the "a". However, the faction name is normally cited with the "Mac" spelling.


  1. From Susan M. Garrett's Syndicon East convention report, "Syndicon East Detailed report (long post, no spoilers)", posted to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU on 15 May 1996.
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