Near Death
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Broadcast Date  8 July 1995
Season  2
Broadcast Order  23rd
Episode Number  35
Production Number  212
Writer  Phil Bedard &
Larry Lalonde
Director  Nicholas J. Gray
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Is there an afterlife? Yes. Can you just knock and walk in and visit anytime you like? I don't think so.
— Natalie, Near Death


Nick investigates the death of a young doctor when Natalie is unable to determine the cause. Intrigued by the doctor's experiments in near death experiences, Nick secretly agrees to "go under" in an attempt to reconcile his own past. But the experiment goes awry and Natalie must find a way to bring Nick back form his altered state of consciousness.

Guest CastEdit

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Detailed Story RecapEdit

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Schanke contemplates the brain in a bottle

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the mysterious Guide

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Nick speaks to the Guide.

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At its second appearance, the Guide takes the shape of LaCroix.

Vampire LoreEdit

  • When humans are drained of their blood in preparation for being brought over, they experience visions in which they are offered the choice of passing through a glowing portal into death or returning to the waking world as a vampire. The guide through this portal takes many forms.

Fan FictionEdit

Below is a partial list of fan fiction that has been inspired by this episode.


  • Nick: All I'm saying is I think you should have told me it was Myra's birthday. I would have bought her something.
    Schanke: No, no, no, it's okay. Besides, I got her what she wanted.
    Nick: That dream vacation?
    Schanke: Yeah, right, only in her dreams.
    Nick: What, then?
    Schanke: Pair of rigid twenty-point ice crampons and rope. Myra wants to take up ice climbing.
    Nick: Ice climbing?
    Schanke: Exactly. Did you know that ten yards—no, no, scratch that, ten metres of rope cost one-hundred-fifty dollars? Now, Myra will only do it once. Then she'll be on to the next expensive hobby, and I'll be stuck with one-hundred-fifty dollar clothesline, which I might hang myself with.
    Nick: Is that why you're all bent out of shape? Expensive rope?
    Schanke: Nah. Birthdays. They just get to me. It's another year closer to the end.
    Nick: Myra has a birthday, and you worry about dying?
    Schanke: It's just that sometimes it hits you, Nick. Death means the end of...the end of you! I mean, doesn't that make you think?
    Nick: I try not to dwell on it too much.
    Schanke: But what is it, anyway? How can you experience death if there's no more of you to experience it?
    Nick: I don't know. I've never died before. Would you just wish Myra a happy birthday for me, okay?


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is "Man stirbt nur zweimal" ("You Only Die Twice").


Canadian ContentEdit


  • In I Will Repay, it was established that a vampire's heart beats only once in ten minutes. However, Dr. Linsman puts a heart monitor on Nick for the experiment, yet apparently never notices his anomalously slow heart rate.

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