New King of the Vampires
Author Dragonsteamfan
Date 11 February 2016
Where posted AO3
Rating/Warning PG13
Genres crossover, AU
Format novella
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Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Subspecies. When Prince Stefan Valescu Vladislav takes the throne, there are complications for the vampires of Forever Knight.

Author's NotesEdit

In the Forever Knight universe this story takes place after the episode “Fever” and goes AU from there. Also, Detective Schanke did not die in the 3rd season premier and is still partners with Nick Knight. Tracy Vetter is serving out her rookie year as a detective under their combined guidance thanks to her father’s interference.


  • “[W]e’re basically set up as a monarchy. We have a king, a governing council and the oldest vampire in each community all over the world runs that community. The General is the Elder for Toronto. The Enforcers are our police/military. The throne just changed hands. The new king is young for a vampire, he’s only 485, but he’s the last of the royal family, so he’s automatically assumed the throne.”

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