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Nick's car

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Nick has a flashing light to put on the car for emergencies.

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The licence plate on Nick's car reads 35H MV6.

Nick's car is a Cadillac, often referred to as "The Caddy". His devotion to it is legendary.

The car's licence plate number in the show is 35H MV6. As it is Nick's personal car (and a convertible, to boot), it does not have a fitted flashing light on top the way that a squad car would. However, Nick does have a removable light that can be fixed temporarily during a car chase.

What Year of Car is it?Edit

In the show, the Caddy is called a '62 model. However, the pair of "car actors" that played Nick's car when the episodes were filmed were actually both '61 Caddies.

In multiple episodes, the Caddy is referred to as a ’62. And perhaps they had a ’62 on set somewhere; from most angles, the ’61 and ’62 look basically identical. However, not from the front or the back. The great thing about Caddies in the 62 series during these classic years is each one was very different in the lights. In the movie Nick Knight, that was a ’59: there was the red bottle rocket lights on the fin and big circle shape for the tail light. By 1960, the rocket lights were changed to a light flush with the fin and the back tail lights became two circles in a vertical position. 1961 would bring those circle tail lights into a horizontal position to each other, and a year later the circles would be swapped out with a large rectangle. So looking at the back tail lights, Nick’s Caddy has, on each side, two circle back lights next to each other: a 1961 Cadillac.

— from "Live On The Air - Non-Vampire Characters" on nicholas_lucien's DW journal, posted 5 November 2017

Prop Cars UsedEdit

There were actually two Caddies used during the filming of Forever Knight. As the show became more popular a second 1961 Cadillac was purchased. When purchased, the second Caddy had less than 12,000 original miles on it and was pink. It was completely stripped down and restored to look exactly like the original Caddy. After that, the original Caddy was used primarily for driving sequences. Since the more recent restoration of the second Caddy made its appearance more pristine, it was used primarily for close up shots and was never driven on the road during production of the series. It was always trucked to shooting locations.

The pristine second Caddy was purchased in April 1996 by Scott Hedrick of Raleigh, NC, just after the show's cancellation. In an informal bid process, Hedrick bid on and won both cars, with the understanding that he only wanted one. He traveled to the production studio in Toronto, selected which Caddy he wanted, and purchased it directly from the production company for $30,000. As of June 2009, Hedrick still owned the car.

The other car was purchased by Brock Joliffe, the special effects designer for the second and third season of the show. However, on 14 July 2006, he sold it to a Forever Knight fan, Nancy Davis.

The car weighs 5234 lbs.[1]

Car Specs When SoldEdit

When Brock Joliffe posted the car for sale, he listed the following specs:[2]

  • 1961 Cadillac Series 62 convertible, 2 door
  • VIN 61F005300
  • Gas 8 cylinders 390 cu in
  • ‘Forever Knight’ Green
  • Power windows
  • Power Brakes
  • Power steering
  • Clock
  • AM radio
  • Power bench seat (not currently hooked up)
  • Air conditioning (not used since owned)
  • Cruise (not used since owned)
  • Mileage when purchased 55,640
  • Mileage currently 56,850

Included in the sale were the following:

  • original “plate Portion’ of vehicle permit from ‘Forever Knight Productions Inc. Plate number 410 PPR
  • original Ontario license plates 410 PPR – these were the ones used by production to legally drive the car on the road.
  • the Colorado license plates that came with the car when production purchased it
  • a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ signed, from ‘Forever Knight Productions Inc., for this car. April 1996
  • removable zippered rear window with glass panel, and removable rear zippered panel without glass (used like this for filming reflection purposes)
  • an 8 x 10 picture of the FK production crew with this car in the background - this is a copy of a season year end crew photo.
  • car blanket and vinyl cover
  • white presentation convertible top boot (cover)


The colour of the car is distinctive; and fans often have difficulty coming up with a precise description. "Green" is most usual; but "aqua" and "sea foam" are also seen.

From The NickKnack CaddyWhack Homepage FAQ page:

According to one Caddy collector, the color of the Caddy is called "aqua-irridescent". However, I've done some digging, and found a Cadillac enthusiast who had color charts. The following was his reply to me (and I did, by the way, mention that because of the premise of the show, most of the pictures were at night):

"The Web pictures I saw of that '61 Cad are not very bright. As best I can make out, however, the color is #29. It is called "San Remo Turquoise Poly" [a metallic color]. Indeed it looks just like the Mediterranean sea at San Remo !

On the Ditzler paint chip chart the code # is DDL-12435. On the Dupont chart which I also have, the code is 4226-L or 882-95096-L.

Hope this helps.


Fan ActivitiesEdit


The faction for fans who love Nick's car is called the CaddyWhackers.

Fan FictionEdit

The following stories focus on the Caddy and Nick's use of it:

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