One Pin Short
Author Skieswideopen
Date 25 August 2015
Where posted FK Fic Fest
Rating/Warning G
Genres Ficathons, humour
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

Schanke talks a reluctant Nick into a night of bowling.


Written as a gift for vorpalblades in FK Fic Fest 2015 (released 3 September). No beta-reader is listed. Length: 3085 words.

Written to the prompt: Gen. Nick & Schanke. "Humor. On one of their nights off, Schanke talks/dares Nick into joining him for a game of bowling. Whether Nick amazes Schanke with his skill or fails miserably..."


"Why don't you just tell Schanke you're not interested?"

"I did."


"And he said he really needs the extra practice before the big game, and that I owe him for sticking him with all the paperwork for the Munroe case."


  • "I LOVE this! I was so hoping this prompt would be chosen, and this was absolutely perfect. The character voices were amazing, and I can definitely imagine Nick's disgust at rented shoes and his concentration on not appearing TOO good at the game." — comment by vorpalblades on AO3
  • "O!G this is brilliant! So funny! And Janette to the rescue again. Yay!" — comment by lastscorpion on AO3
  • "Your Schanke is spot on; and a fun fic is always welcome. So many of the stories angst as much as Nick. Naturally he finishes up hoist by his own petard. (And it's not as though he hadn't seen it coming!) Well, if one lets oneself get distracted from one's own cover story...." — comment by greerwatson on AO3
  • "Levity! This fandom needs more levity. Schanke in his element, and Nick so very much out of his, was perfect. I loved seeing Nick's efforts to control the situation blow up on him. And Janette... I'm trying to imagine what Janette was wearing when she arrived and how many people threw gutter balls because of it. This was so much fun!" — comment by LadySilver on AO3

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