Out of the Night that Covers Me
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Screen capture of the webpage for "Out of the Night that Covers Me"
Author greerwatson
Date 25 April 2015
Where posted Rarelywritten 2015
Rating/Warning PG13
Genres drama, Last Knight story
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

Urs's fate after the events of "Ashes to Ashes" and "Last Knight".


Written as a gift for Brightknightie in Rarelywritten 2015. Length: 4691 words.


  • "Natalie told Nick that she would deal with Urs’s body. He didn’t ask questions; and perhaps he should have. Then again, he never truly grasped that the mortal he loved was, first and foremost, a scientist."
  • "“He’s selling the club,” said Brianna. “Didn’t you hear? Where’ve you been, anyway? It’s been almost two months since you last came to work—and, by the way, I’ve hired someone else; but, if you want a job, I’ll see if Mr. Twist will approve the expense. You were always popular.”"


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