Protective Custody
Author Llwyden ferch Gyfrinach and Arduinna
Date spring 1998 (zine), 15 July 1999 (web)
Rating/Warning NC-17
Genres PWP, slash
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

While Vachon is staying in protective custody at the loft, he decides to while away the time by seducing Nick.


"Protective Custody" was originally published in 1998 in the zine “Nothing to Hide” by Get-The-Boys-Together Press, and later posted to the internet by permission. Each author archived the story on her own website.

Author's NotesEdit

[...] Originally, this was meant as part of a much longer story I started more or less on a dare that "no-one can write a real plot for Nick/Vachon slash". However, we don't really appear to have got round to plot yet. <g> This stands on its own as a PWP. [...] - note by Llywden ferch Gyfrinach on her website, Lorelei's Demesne


"That really ought to be looser, you know." Under guise of reaching for the wrench, he held onto Nick’s waist and bent around him, plastering his chest along the older vampire’s back. To hell with subtlety. Sitting back up, he let his hand fall onto Nick’s thigh, massaging it in circles through the lightweight denim of his jeans.

Nick tried for exasperation, but sounded more indulgent than he would’ve liked. "I thought we were going to finish the bike."

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