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Nick's dog, Raleigh before he was brought over.
Family Nick Knight (owner)
Vampire Death 1883 (staked)
Fan Factions Woof Pack

In the flashback to the Season Three episode "Blind Faith", Raleigh was a large dog belonging to Nick Knight which was brought across in England in 1883 by a carouche (on the instructions of Lucien LaCroix).

In 1883, Nick Knight was living a reclusive life in a remote cottage, killing deer for their blood rather than prey on humans. He was adopted by a large stray dog. which he decided to name "Raleigh." Raleigh resembled the rottweiler breed of dogs.

When Lucien LaCroix discovered Nick's whereabouts, he was disgusted by the primitive conditions in which his protegé was living. Nor was he impressed by Nick's attachment to a dog. To teach Nick a lesson, LaCroix took Raleigh to a carouche that was lurking in the area, and gave permission for the dog to be drained, provided enough blood was left for Raleigh to come across.

Nick was initially unaware that, when his dog was out of his sight, he was terrorizing the neighbourhood. After a couple of people had been killed though, he himself rescued Arthur Conan Doyle from Raleigh. Nick's dog was thus the inspiration for The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Nick reluctantly decided that he had to stake Raleigh.